How to Sell 100 Pet Beds in Two Months


Meet Lana, an owner and operator of Lucky Dog’s Place in Kearny, Nebraska, and Sentiments customer. Last year Lana was one of Sentiment’s best selling retailers, selling almost 100 Shag Donut Cuddlers along in just two months -- pretty impressive for a boutique store in a town of only 33,000 people.         

I wanted to get inside Lana’s strategy on selling so many Shag Donut Cuddlers, especially considering that she’s located near a PetsMart and operates only one boutique store. We sat down and she shared with me her best tips for growing sales. 

1. Location, location, location!

In your retail space, place your popular pet beds where your customers can easily touch and feel them. This sounds simple, however many retailers seem to overlook this effective method to sell more beds.

Lana places the Shag Donut Cuddlers on a shelf where her customers unavoidably see and feel them. Once a customer feels the Shag’s luxuriously soft fur, they’re sold!

2. Make Your Pet Your Ambassador

If you have fur babies, make them an ambassador for your business. Aside from them being the ultimate user of your product, they’re also adorable, and impossible to say no to.  Plus, using social media as a tool for this ambassadorship allows customers to feel like a part of your life and your pet’s life.

Lana's fur children Lucky Dog, Indy, Nilla and Bo are the ambassadors for Lucky’s Dog Place, making them the face of all things business. If there’s new products, new hours, new content, or a personal review, that all comes from Lucky and his siblings.

3. Share the Love

One of Lana’s keys to driving success is engaging with her customers on social media. Lana brought a shag cuddler home for each of our dogs.  When Lana saw all of them cozied up in their luxurious beds, she snapped a photo and posted it on the company’s Facebook page.  The response was favorable: her customers wanted the Shag Donut Cuddler.

Following the demand, Lana took time to thank each customer who bought a Shag Donut Cuddler, and what resulted was a community of people sharing what they love.

Lana’s success story is an example of how only ONE product can turn and make your pet bed sales profitable.  Utilize these quick steps to make it work






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